ruben guthrie

Writer: Brendan Cowell

Director: Travis Handcock


Travis Handcock – Ruben Guthrie

Andrew Mellor – Ray

David Runnalls – Peter

Jeanette Coppolino – Zoya

Steve Young – Damien

Stephanie King – Susan

Stephanie Morrell - Virginia

7 – 10 September 2016

On the surface this is a show about one man battling with addiction after one night gets out of hand and he jumps off a hotel roof into a swimming pool but it delves so much deeper than that. Ruben Guthrie is a semi-autobiographical account of Cowell’s battle with the bottle and his decision to give it up. The beauty with Ruben Guthrie is the show starts with him giving up and follows his journey of sobriety and so, it isn’t just about addiction but about the relationships he has with the people surrounding him. Ruben is on his mission to stay sober because he is actually starting to like himself and is really happy within himself, however the people around him struggle with his new found self. There is his Dad who is an alcoholic himself and completely in denial about it, his best friend who only knows a good night that involves being smashed, the AA sponsor trying to keep him on the straight and narrow but dealing with her own issues, the mother who dragged him to AA but doesn’t like who he becomes, the boss who believes Ruben does his best work drunk and the fiancé who leaves after Ruben humiliates her at the first meeting. These people continue to provide Ruben with excuses on why he could turn back to the bottle, it gives him the opportunity to deal out blame if he slips, but he soon realises that it is all on him. The fight is him and the bottle and it is always going to be there.