about fizzwack

about the company

FizzWack Theatre Company launched in September 2016 with Ruben Guthrie written by Brendan Cowell. It all started with a seed planted by one of the co-founders long before our first production. After dinner and before seeing a show, Stephanie King looked at Travis Handcock and said 'one day we are going to start a theatre company'. Travis' response was a laugh and probably a snort of derision.


Two years later, things seemed to fall into place. While performing in a production of Ruben Guthrie at Sunshine Theatre Company, the dedicated and dynamic cast, desperately wanted to do the show again. That seed that Stephanie had planted previously, started festering and culminated in FizzWack's launch in conjunction with The 1812 Theatre. Exhilaratingly, Ruben Guthrie was born again, re-vamped and re-energised to rave reviews from the critics. The rest, as they say, is history.

co founders

Travis Handcock
Steph King-2.jpg
Stephanie King

Sound designer

Jasmine Tolentino